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Volodymyr Nechyporuk

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Volodymyr Nechyporuk

Volodimir Nechiporuk (Ukrainian: Володимир Павлович Нечипорук, born 18 January 1949) was a self-nominated candidate in the 2004 Ukrainian presidential election.[1] He was a national deputy of Ukraine from 1998 till 2002 and from 2002 till 2006.[2] In that last period he has been the chair of subcommittee that controls activities of law-enforcement bodies of a Committee of the Verkhovna Rada (parliament). He is a member of Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (United). He is a co-author of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. He was first-category participant in liquidation of consequences of the 1986 accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. From 1991 to 1993 he was a chief of the Board of social protection of workers of law-enforcement bodies at the Ministry of Ukraine. He is a colonel of the militia. In his program, he speaks in support of 7-year terms for elections of the President of Ukraine, deputies of the Parliament, and chairs of all levels. He is also opposed to land sales.


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